Our Team


Kerry Friedman


Hi! I'm Kerry and I've been a stylist for 10 years.  I decided to go into the industry because "hair" isn't just hair.  It is your crown, your dome, and it represents you!

I love the artistry of hairstyling for both men and women.  From trendy to funky, I've got you covered.  We start with a thorough consultation, deciding what color technique and hair cutting tools we will need to achieve your desired outcome.

I stay on top of trends and techniques by attending seminars and maintaining a bi-weekly training class.

In addition to being a stylist, I'm a proud mom, wife, lover of animals and nature, Hiker, Furniture repurpose'r'/maker, Food snob, and a huge advocate of being who you are!

I look forward to meeting you.




Jill Keyes


Well hey there, this is Jill! I moved to beautiful Evergreen two years ago and am loving every minute of it. I worked down the hill for six years and I’m excited to bring my skills to our mountain community. I was born and raised outside of Chicago, IL, but as soon as I turned 18, I left and have moved all over the country since then—Mississippi, South Carolina, Hawaii, and Ohio are just some of the places I’ve called home. Told you I’d been all over! 


I love every part of doing hair which is why I’ve stuck with it for the past 10 years. I’m handy with short razor cuts, men’s hair, bobs, and even in helping out women with thick unruly hair—which deserves some extra love! I also excel in freehand balayage, adding dimension to all-over colors, and achieving that fabulous, low-maintenance, lived-in look everyone loves. I also help my clients find the perfect combination of products that will achieve the best look for them.


When I’m not behind the chair, I am squeezing on my fur baby, Knox, spending time with my hubby, Nigel, or making candles as the proud owner of Mica Candle Co. We love to camp, ride bikes, go snowboarding, hike, and basically all of the mountain things our great state is known for. I can’t wait to meet you and find the perfect look for you!




PJ Holt


As a mother, wife, stylist, and teacher, I’m so fortunate to have grown up in Colorado and live in such a beautiful community like Evergreen.  


I have been a hairstylist for over 20 years and still love my profession. Working in this industry is always changing and offers such creative freedom. I keep up on the newest techniques by attending classes and trade shows from some of the leading educators.  I specialize in natural lived-in looks and use a combination of foil and balayage techniques to achieve this. I love cutting soft shapes that enhance natural texture and yet am always excited to cut a precision bob. My goal is to make my clients the best versions of themselves.


Outside of work you will find me spending time with my family. I have an amazing husband and 2 teenage kids that keep me on my toes.  I’m a little obsessed with Colorado clouds and love to be outside in nature when I walk or hike with my family and dog. I practice Yin Yoga, meditate,  and always have at least one crafting project going. 


I’m so excited to help you discover your natural, true beauty